My First Go With Acrylics

Posted on Wed 27 Apr 2016

Hi all

Following on from my last blog where I said I would share my new experiences with acrylics I decided to bite the bullet today and ‘have a go’. I recently enrolled on Glyn Macey’s online tutorial workshop and after studying a couple of his demos I decided to tackle his painting of ‘Crown Mines’.

I watched it through first to get a feel for the subject and thoroughly enjoyed his lively presentation of a subject I’ve always been a bit wary of. Second run through following the demo I actually stood up to paint! Now this is not me at all. I usually sit in a nice comfy chair while I ponder my next brushstrokes. The speed of the acrylics drying forced me to change my approach completely. I painted in a more animated and fluid way and a lot looser than I normally do. Consequently, half a roll of kitchen roll later, I was done. In just over an hour I’d produced the picture below. I’m quite pleased with the result for a first attempt and my Wife now wants this one framed for our ever expanding gallery.

I really enjoyed the experience and I’m now deciding on my next subject.

Bye for now.


Crown Mines. Botallack
Crown Mines. Botallack. Acrylic on Galeria paper. 16″x12″.

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