My First Year Of Painting After Retiring

Posted on Wed 20 Apr 2016

After many years of inactivity (13 to be precise!) I finally came home in June last year and decided to pick up my brushes again. Early retirement beckoned and I always promised myself that I would return to my art.
The years that all my equipment was in storage wasn’t kind to it at all. It was mostly my own fault because my shed in the garden (or atelier as my mother-in-law grandly called it) eventually succumbed to the elements and I had to find somewhere else to store it all. The old greenhouse was requisitioned and there everything stayed until June last year. Needless to say, pretty much everything was ruined.
This has meant an expensive time to replace everything. With a modest pension I’ve managed to replace all my watercolour gear, but last week I decided to have a clear-out on eBay. I’m glad to say that I managed to realise quite a substantial amount of money that has now been channeled into replacing my Artisan oils, my Pastels and grounds, and a medium I’ve always shied away from but wanted to try….. Acrylics.
I’ll let you know in due course how I get on with them in another blog.
I have now taken over a spare bedroom and converted it into a studio. The window faces almost due South, so I get good light for a good part of the day. I’m living with jigsaws and other stuff in there, but at least I have somewhere that I can walk away from and just shut the door!

I did make a resolution to do more En Plein Air work this year, but so far I’ve only managed one sketching outing. It is difficult with other people in tow because they don’t want to sit around for hours, particularly if the sun isn’t shining! Perhaps when the weather finally warms up I’ll be able to do more.

Anyway. Here’s to, hopefully, a decent Summer and plenty of opportunity to get outdoors.

Happy painting everyone. All the Best


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