An attempt at Plein Air painting in Truro

Hi everybody.

Well, today the power was due to be turned off by Western Power for repairs, lasting for most of the day, so the plan was to spend the day in Truro. I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for painting ‘Plein Air’

After lugging my gear to the perimiter of the Cathedral, I decided that next time I could dispense with the Kitchen sink! Having found a nice bench to sit on, the first thing I noticed was the way the Cathedral acted like a wind tunnel. Undaunted I started to paint. Halfway through the sketch this little voice said ‘do you mind if I be nosey?’ After innocently saying that I didn’t mind she launched into her wartime experiences with ‘spies’ painting the Westcountry coast. Now, as interesting as this was, it wasn’t getting the job done. After half an hour of trying to paint around her reminiscing  she finally bid farewell and I attempted to try again. By this time I was thoroughly chilled from the keen wind doing it’s best to claim my watercolour pad. I decided to give it up as a bad job.

My Wife, at this point, popped up like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn and said lets go to lunch. A great idea. After lunch we decided to knock it on the head and head for home. Hopefully the power should be restored by the time we get there.

En route home I decided it would be a good idea to pop into Boscastle for a couple of hours. So we did. This proved far more successful as a photo reference gathering exercise. I climbed up to the Lookout on top of the hill with my trusty camera and got some breathtaking shots of the coastline. These will appear as paintings in due course. So. All-in-all a not very successful day for out-of-doors but the icing on the cake was some superb photos, an example below.

Better luck next time.

Happy painting.




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