Another Plein Air outing at Lanhydrock

Hi everybody. Well. We’ve had a grand few days of decent weather and it had warmed up considerably from my last outing to Truro so I decided to make use of my National Trust membership and visit Lanhydrock for the bluebells.

Lanhydrock is on the outskirts of Bodmin in Cornwall so it isn’t that far from where I live. I was determined to have a successful outcome this time so when I arrived at the reception I asked where the best spot was to see the bluebells. I was duly told that the best display was in the Great Wood which was just a short walk past the Gatehouse. He even gave me a map, nice fellow! Anyway. I walked down to the Gatehouse which is quite a walk in itself and then set about trying to find this wood. After walking nearly a mile down the avenue and not seeing so much as a dandelion I decided that Cornish yards must be slightly longer than English yards (about ten times longer I reckon). By this time I’d wasted and hour of painting time so I trudged back up to the Gatehouse. I looked at the Gatehouse and decided that I would have a go at that instead. I found an isolated spot under a big tree and set myself up to paint. I’m sure that if I’d climbed to the top of the tree somebody would have climbed up after me to see what I was doing. As it was I had a steady procession of people deviating from the path as if they’d just left the pub after an all night session. One guy even insisted on taking my photo saying to me “ah. Somebody who does it the old way”. After a couple of hours I was only half way through, but it was way past lunchtime and my stomach won the day, so I headed for home.

In conclusion, It was a more successful day than my first attempt at plein air, but I didn’t paint what I set out to paint. I actually finished off the picture at home today (finished painting below). I do intend to go back though (weather permitting) before the bluebells finish for another year.

P.S. It was my fault I didn’t find the wood. I know where it is now. Apparently I went the wrong way! Such is life.

Happy painting.


gatehouse lanhydrock
The Gatehouse. Lanhydrock. Watercolour on Canson Moulin Du Roy NOT paper. 1/4 Imperial.

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