Yet More Plein Air Adventures….

It would seem my blogs are dominated with En Plein Air adventures at the moment, but honestly I’ve been taking advantage of the fine weather of late.

Last Friday I visited Looe. I’ve not been for a couple of years so a visit was long overdue. I managed to complete a pastel sketch of the seafront without too much hassle. I’d picked my spot well today, hiding in the seafront shelter, backed into a corner. Just one interruption from a nice lady asking my advice on the colour of beach sand. I must have that sort of face I reckon. After informing me that she was a member of the SAA she bid farewell and drifted away into the hazy sunshine. At this point I thought it was a good time to break for lunch. After lunch I just did my David Bailey bit and took a few photographs for future reference.

On to today (Sunday) and I paid a visit to Crackington Haven. Again it’s a place I’ve not visited for a long time. After setting up on a nice bench I set to work. I was using pastel again, but not the Ingres paper I was using at Looe. After carefully sorting out my gear before leaving the house I left the Ingres paper and my drawing board propped up in the living room. So I had to make do with a moth-eaten old pad of Canson Mi-Teintes paper, left over from the wreckage of my stored equipment. I’ll be honest. I struggled to make more than one layer of pastel on this paper. It just wouldn’t take it. There I was creating a lot of dust whilst vainly attempting to make a mark. Unfortunately my Wife was sitting downwind from me and I suddenly realised that the nice black trousers she had on now resembled something like the Northern Lights!. Pastel dust everywhere. Oh dear! Time for a nice cuppa methinks.

After this we moved on to Bude and I decided to sketch a boat on the canal. It was a very rough sketch, but one passing soul asked me if I wanted to sell it, as his mate owned the boat I was drawing. Now this sketch was very very very rough, and also unfinished. So much so that I felt embarrassed to ask any money for it. I also didn’t sign it. just in case I become very famous. I don’t want anybody coming on me saying I charged an exorbitant fee for rubbish (although this does go on all the time I believe – tongue firmly in cheek). So I tore it out of my sketchbook and gave it to him. He was happy as Larry. On reflection maybe I should have charged him. Oh well. Perhaps next time.

Happy painting everyone.


pete 2

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