Been busy this morning……

I’ve been busily installing a STAS gallery system on my studio wall today. For quite a while I’ve not made best use of the space available and didn’t want to put any more holes in the wall! With this system I can rearrange the current collection to make the most efficient use of the space available. Needless to say I’m pleased with the results. Now, for the rest of the studio. I’ve just got to finish sorting out all the bits and pieces that are surplus to requirements. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a Magpie when it comes to art materials. Probably half the stuff I’ll never use, so it’s time for a clearout. Except I’ll keep that…. Oh and that… And this might be useful……

Happy painting


Acrylic added. The Calm Before The Storm

Acrylic on Galeria paper. 20″ x 16″. Finished this off today. It’s inspired by a Les Spence painting. Les Spence used to work out of Padstow under the name of ‘Jason’. I always admired his work and when we holidayed in Cornwall we always made a bee line for his Gallery. I loved to watch him paint and spent many hours pouring over his work in the gallery. Sadly, he closed the gallery in the ’80s and Padstow was never the same after that.

Happy Painting


The Calm Before The Storm
The Calm Before The Storm. Acrylic on Galeria paper. 20″ x 16″.