Watercolour added – Boats At Penberth Cove

Hi everybody.

This is Boats At Penberth Cove. A watercolour on Arches NOT paper. 140lb. 1/2 Imperial. I am indebted to John Warren for the photo taken from PaintMyPhoto. I’ve tried to make it slightly Contre-Jour (against the light) as the original light source was from the right, mainly because the sky was a bit bland in the photo. Not quite sure if I’ve pulled it off though. I used a fairly limited palette of Burnt and Raw Siennas, Cobalt Cerulean and Ultramarine Blues, Aureolin, Rose Madder, Cad red and yellow and a bit of white gouache.

Happy painting.


Boats At Penberth Cove
Boats At Penberth Cove – Watercolour on Arches NOT paper. 140lb. 1/2 Imperial.