Watercolour Added… Showery Tor

Hi everybody

This is Showery Tor a watercolour on Two Rivers NOT (Cold Pressed) paper. 300lb. 1/2 imperial. Two Rivers is an absolutely beautiful paper with a random texture, which is perfect for this type of subject. It’s hand made at a mill in Somerset which is a totally hydro powered water mill.

On a very windy day a couple of weeks ago I hiked up to Showery Tor, which is about 1.5 miles from my house. It is typical moorland scenery there. It can be bleak, but also very beautiful. The Tor in the background is Roughtor, which is the second highest point in Cornwall. I took loads of photos for reference and this is the painting resulting from it. I’ve made a full video series of the painting for my YouTube channel PeteBathoArt which is now live and can be viewed from the links on my Video Tutorials page.

Happy painting


Showery Tor. Watercolour on Two Rivers CP paper. 300lb. 1/2 Imperial
Showery Tor. Watercolour on Two Rivers CP paper. 300lb. 1/2 Imperial

2 thoughts on “Watercolour Added… Showery Tor”

  1. Hi Pete

    I loved this painting. The colours are just right, and brought back many happy occasions on the Cornish moors when I stayed in or near Cardinham.

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