Don’t Look Now…

Hi everybody

Well, I’ve been working on this picture on and off for about a month. It’s in acrylic and I’ve titled it ‘Don’t Look Now…’ because it reminded me of the film starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. In the film, set in Venice, he’s haunted by a figure in red that stirs memories of his recently deceased Daughter who owned and wore a red duffel coat. He pursues this figure through the back streets of Venice. Not a good idea! I won’t say any more in case you’ve not seen the film. It’s based on a short story by Daphne Du Maurier.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I probably won’t get another blog out before then.

Happy painting.


Don't Look Now... Acrylic on Canvas. 22' x 16"
Don’t Look Now… Acrylic on Canvas. 22′ x 16″