About Me



A Midlands born lad, I spent my working life in Telecommunications. I moved with my job to the Westcountry about 20 years ago. Now retired, I recently took up painting again after a long period of inactivity. I first laid brush to paper in the 70’s when I bought a small book by the artist John Blockley on watercolour. Although I’ve been painting for many years, there have been massive gaps in between sessions due to other commitments – mainly work related. The last time I painted before this was 2003 – 13 years ago! I took early retirement from the Telecoms industry last year after a long period of work related stress. I’ve found that painting is the perfect antidote to this, although I’ve removed the main cause by retiring. Artists I admire are – Terry Harrison, John Blockley, Ron Ranson, David Bellamy and Rowland Hilder amongst many others. I also discovered Glyn Macey, a local Cornish artist. His tutorials have inspired me to paint with acrylics. I’m enjoying the journey I’ve started! Also I am intending to paint more out-of-doors when the weather improves. I paint mainly in watercolour, but I’m determined to venture into other mediums as well.

Happy painting everyone. Pete.