About Me



A Midlands born lad, I spent my working life in Telecommunications. I moved with my job to the Westcountry about 21 years ago. Now retired, I have took up painting again after a long period of inactivity. I first laid brush to paper in the 70’s when I bought a small book by the artist John Blockley on watercolour. Although I’ve been painting for many years, there have been massive gaps in between sessions due to other commitments – mainly work related. The last time I painted before was 2003 – many years ago! I took early retirement from the Telecoms industry in 2014 after a long period of work related stress. I’ve found that painting is the perfect antidote to this, although I’ve removed the main cause by retiring. Artists I admire are – Geoff Kersey, Terry Harrison, John Blockley, Ron Ranson, David Bellamy and Rowland Hilder amongst many others. I paint mainly in watercolour, but I also use acrylics, pastels and oils from time to time. If you are interested in following my work then please click the ‘Follow Me’ link to subscribe to my mailing list. Thanks for your interest.

Happy painting everyone. Pete.